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The National Ranking series is a initiative by the Namibian Cycling Federation, managed by Raceday Events.

From 2016 Namibian cyclist will be able to compete in a selected series of events and be ranked  by a points system as indicated in the qualified event pages. 

Rankings will be done on XC Marathon events.

Selected events will still be hosted by the same organisers and in the same way as in the past. Important is for cyclists to indicate their race category or age on the entry form at each of the selected events.

Rules are simple, standard rules as per the race organiser will be applicable, but you are only allowed to compete in one category during the year. Competing in different categories will result in no ranking.

In case of events where the required categories are not a entry option, your age on 31 December will determine your ranking category.

Rankings will be used for seeding in the selected events and will be a guideline for the Namibian selection committee when selecting Namibian cyclists for National or International events.

All series inquiries can be directed to 

 Cross Country Marathons

The Gravel & Dirt Series results will be used for National Ranking in 2018


Rankings for road cycling cancelled due to different race categories and formats at each event.